A Complete Wellness Center 

Feel Good. Look Good. Live Well!

Our Holistic Wellness Team!

Kevin Peterson

Massage Therapist,
 Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Joy Peterson

Massage Therapist, 
Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Emily Bibler

Skin Care Therapist
Licensed Esthetician 

Progressive Personal Development

Welcome! We are Holistic Wellness Consultants Kevin and Joy Peterson and Skin Care Therapist Emily Bibler.  

We believe in the importance of getting to know you first.  Our goal is to help you be more aware of yourself and what you can do to increase resilience to stress and be more comfortable and confident.

During our first session we will conduct a Complete Wellness Assessment; the purpose of this wellness assessment is for us to get to know who you are and where you are starting from, so we can help you develop wellness strategies that suit your life and speak to your preferences. Whether you are looking to lose weight, relieve chronic pain, get fit, manage stress, or simply feel better about yourself and your life, you will find support at Peterson Holistic Services. 

It starts with you!

You can do this! You can be well! We can help.


Make lasting changes 

Our fitness programs are designed to build strength and stability in a balanced way to support your Active Life. They also include our mobility classes Tai Chi.


Ease discomfort and pain

Our Massage services involve an advanced approach to Therapeutic Massage that is fully adaptable to your needs.


Fuel your wellness

Our Nutrition Consulting programs, together with our Classes and Seminars help you develop strategies for weight loss, enhancing your quality of life.

Skin Care

Not just for women! 

Holistic Wellness includes feeling and looking your best! Our Skin Care services  will help you look and feel great so you can have more confidence.