A Complete Wellness Center 

Feel Good. Look Good. Live Well!

Our Holistic Wellness Team!

Kevin Peterson

Health and Wellness Coach

Massage Therapist

Joy Peterson

Health and Wellness Coach
Massage Therapist

Janet Shoeman

Certified Tai Chi Instructor

Our Mission 

To support our clients in developing wellness strategies to enhance personal wellness with services in fitness, massage therapy, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. 

You can do this! You can be well! We can help.



Make lasting changes 

Our fitness programs are designed to build strength and stability in a balanced way to support your Active Life. They also include our mobility classes Tai Chi.



Ease discomfort and pain

Our Massage services involve an advanced approach to Therapeutic Massage that is fully adaptable to your needs.



Fuel your wellness

Our Nutrition Consulting programs, together with our Classes and Seminars help you develop strategies for weight loss, enhancing your quality of life.


Lifestyle Wellness

You can do this!

Why do you need a wellness strategy in place?

A wellness strategy in that fits your unique lifestyle and needs that’s easy to implement, can give you the confidence and resilience to thrive in all areas of your life