A Complete Wellness Center 


Stability Training 

Balanced Personal Training

We believe in building strength and stability in a balanced and comfortable way.  We will work with you one on one to discover where you are at in your movement ability and how we can start from there to begin making progress toward a more stable and confident body. 

We offer Personal Training centered around balance and stability to create a good platform for safe and effective strength training

We will help you set goals based on your personal fitness level with a health assessment, an exercise program developed just for you, and one on one fitness coaching to support your progress.

Prices include complimentary intake and access to our digital tracker

45 min session  - $60.00


Tai Chi

Find Balance and Stability

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise/meditation/martial art. Tai Chi movements are performed slowly, softly and gracefully with smooth and even transitions. 

Tai Chi Styles:

  • Yang Style: 24 Simplified form and long form
  • Chen Style: 48 Essential form
  • Wu/Hao Style: long form
  • Tai Chi for Arthritis 
  • Sword: Yang and Chen styles, double sword, two person sword
  • Fan: Flying Rainbow Fan, two person fan

Tai Chi classes taught through Peterson Holistic Services are conducted only by trained Tai Chi Instructors and are open to any suitable person provided they are medically fit, are independently mobile and can participate without assistance in the class. 

Any participant who has any doubt whether they are medically fit to attend the class should contact their health care provider prior to enrolling. Classes usually last for one hour. Participants are always encouraged to work within their own comfort zone.

Classes taught by Janet Shoeman.

This is an enrollment for a package of  6 classes held once a week. Payment is due prior to the beginning of the first  class session.

Online payments are preferred. Other arrangements can be made if needed.

Beginning 6 week class  $40.0