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Intuitive Manual Therapy

Advanced Therapeutic Massage

An advanced approach to Therapeutic Massage that is fully adaptable to your needs. 

With Intuitive Manual Therapy there are two key components; Knowledge and Presence.  

The most important being the knowledge that we gain from you of your lifestyle, habits, activities, movements, and your common discomforts that all come together to mold and shape your unique body.  We pair that knowledge of you with our extensive knowledge of how the body functions within and responds to the world around it to develop a treatment plan that takes you from the imbalance that you are experiencing to a better state of balance and comfort.

The presence that we bring to the work that we will do with your myofascial system helps us to really feel your body’s unique patterning so we can follow it and truly work in the areas that need balancing.  This presence also helps us see your body for the three dimensional, functional system that it is, allowing us to focus all of our work on achieving the greatest range of comfortable movement possible for all areas of your unique body.   

Don’t wait!  Contact us now to schedule your first session or to set up a free consultation to discover how you can support your wellness based lifestyle with Intuitive Manual Therapy.

60 min session & intake - $75.00

90 min session & intake - $105.00

120 min session & intake - $135.00


Focused Therapeutic Massage 

Focused bodywork 

 Now offering focused bodywork designed to: 

  • Support other ongoing therapies 
  •  Provide relief of acute muscular discomfort
  • Reduce headache severity 
  • Promote sinus drainage

15 min - $20.00

No specials or discounts apply. 


Sinus Release

Release the vise of sinus pressure!

15 minutes is all it takes to:

Clear sinus pressure

Prevent recurring sinus infection

Manage seasonal allergies

15 min - $20.00