A Complete Wellness Center 

Holistic Bodywork

Advanced Therapeutic Massage

An advanced approach to Therapeutic Massage that is fully adaptable to your needs. We will explore whatever postural or structural imbalances that may be present and discuss simple awareness and movement exercises you can easily add to your day to start making improvements.  

 A thorough intake is one of the most crucial parts of the session for efficiency and effectiveness of the work we will do together. 

With intake and exit time included each session lasts a minimum of 90 minutes.   

(Example: 15 min. intake → 60 min. bodywork → 15 min. exit)

Your initial session will include time for a 30 minute intake. Rates apply only to the time used for actual body work. Intake is always complimentary.

60 min session & intake - $75.00

90 min session & intake - $105.00

120 min session & intake - $135.00