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Nutrition Consulting

Fuel your Wellness

Good nutrition is the centerpiece to health and wellness. 

A diet full of nutrient rich food can:

Fuel your weight loss

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Enhance endurance and recovery

  • Increase your overall feeling of wellness

You can support all of this by changing the way you eat.  However, we do know, as simple as it may sound, it’s not easy.  We know this both through our own personal experience and from the experience of our clients.

Our services help you begin to look at your relationship to food and how that relationship may hold you away from healthy eating habits, and give you some perspectives on how these dietary changes can begin to positively affect your life as a whole. 

We help you develop strategies that support the transition from your current diet to a diet that includes more nutrient dense foods that will support your wellness, fuel your body, and enhance your overall quality of life. 

You can do this!

You can EAT well!!
We can help. 

45 min session - $60.00